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How are women represented in Film today?

It was important to find out how women were represented in the media today as it would help me give a realistic portrayal in my film. During the 1950 through to the 90s, women had held important roles but on like men characters, they weren’t seen in a dominant or heroic way in film. Rather they were the ones in need of protection and direction. An example of this were films like The Godfather(1972), Star war (1977) and superman(1978). Even though superman lead female character was Lois Lane who plays a successful reporter, she still was shown as needing a hero in superman to rescue her when she was in trouble.

Feminist such as Marjorie Rosen believed that films represented females most of the time as ‘Sex objects'(Rosen, 1973 p68). Writers such as Maggie Humm supports Rosens statetments in her book Feminism and Film by stating that Hollywood portrayed women sterntypically as good or bad mothers. she also goes further to claim that ‘every’ Hollywood woman is someone elses ‘other’. By saying this she highlights the fact that they are never the main character and also come second the males characters (Gauntlett, 2008).

To conclude, the norm in film is to have a dominate male charater and it is almost rare to have a film of a woman who have similar dominant roles to the men. But examples of female dominate films in today time is Cat woman, Set it off and Mad Money. Even though these films were made they fall into the category of hyper-reality. Post-modern throeist like Jean Baudrillard defined hyperreality as the model of the code which does not represent a prior social reality (Robinson, 2012). Females in the past have been stereotyped as being vulnerable that theses movies could be seen as being unrealistic in the eyes of the audience.

Although most of the time women are shown as being weak, they are rarly undermined. As they are shown as being smart, multi-skilled. They also defeat their enemies with resorting to extreme violence most of the time (Gauntlett, 2008 p71-75).

Even though my film is dominated a female character, she follows todays conventions of what female characters have been locked to throughout history; that is to create a need of vulrnerablility and sensitivity to a film. This convention was important for me to follow simply because my film was a drama and the aim is to produce a sad emotion within the audience.



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Robinson, A. (2012) Jean Baudrillard: Hyperreality and Implosion. Available at: (Accessed: 17 January 2017).



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